Rare Book Photography Training Guide

Bryn wrote the first rare book handling guide specifically for photographers, “Rare Book Photography: An Introduction,” while working at Photo+Design, a division of Yale University Information Technology Services.

This training guide explains handling and photographic practices that support libraries’ preservation aims and the needs of researchers in clear language for the non-specialist. Covering not only the ‘hows,’ but also the ‘whys.’ Many beautiful images from the Medical Historical and Law Libraries of Yale University illustrate this work, which has been read in more than 40 countries and implemented at museums and academic libraries.

Bryn wrote the text and managed the project, while colleagues from Photo+Design supplied photographs and graphic design skills. The finished guide was vetted by five Yale conservators and curators.

The PDF below is perfect for home printing, forwarding to colleagues or viewing online. A 20MB file is available, which you may give your printer if you have copies made by a professional. Email photo.design@yale.edu to receive the high resolution file.

Photo+Design also welcomes your feedback concerning the guide and suggestions for other guide topics.

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